Men's Club

The Saint George Men's Club exists to encourage charity, provide support, and build fellowship among the men of the Cathedral community. Meetings are held monthly over an informal gourmet dinner in the Church Hall prepared by our club members, where we discuss various charitable endeavors that we would like to take up, as well as ensure that the spiritual, emotional, and financial needs of the Cathedral are being met.

Throughout the year, the men’s club engages in various charitable activities and fundraisers for the benefit of the Cathedral, including the annual Charles M. Dowd Memorial Golf Tournament. Proceeds from these events go to support various ministries of the Cathedral, the Diocese of New England, and the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America.

The club also engages in social events throughout the year. These events serve to welcome in new members and build fellowship among the brotherhood. A special focus is also placed on the younger generation of the Cathedral, which is why all of our young men—even those in elementary school—are welcomed to our meetings, so that they may have upstanding Christian male role models to look up to.

Our St George Cathedral Officers

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