Women's Club

While we, at St George’s, refer to our group as the Women’s Club, in our Archdiocese we are known as Antiochian Women. Any woman in the Parish age 21 and over is automatically a member. Please plan to participate in one or more of our activities, meetings, etc this year, especially if you haven’t in the past. We meet once a month, usually the first Tuesday, and have a Dinner and Speaker or other activity. Our major fundraisers are the Lenten Dinner in March, and a Fashion Show in October every other year. During the month of March, our Archdiocese celebrates WOMEN’S MONTH. At Liturgies in March, women in every church will be Greeters, Read the Epistles, Dothe Collections, Give Sermonettes and Usher.

Our St George Cathedral Officers

President Lorna Haddad
1st Vice President Sandra Burgoyne
Financial Secretary Edna Hyder
Corresponding Secretary Beatrice Haddad
Recording Secretaries Suzanne Ezen, Eileen Samara
Treasurer Pamela Samara

Pamela Samara is the Diocese Public Relations Coordinator.

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Women's Club
Feb 4 6 pm
Women's Club Meeting
Feb 4 6 pm
Women's Club
Mar 3 6 pm